Mogadishu City Hospital provides  the following three major services

  Current Development programs in action
1 Support supply of treatment materials in highly populated areas in the country
2 Accelerate construction of level 5 (5) world class referral hospital in Mogadishu city.
  Future development programs
1 Support training of students and practicum’s in collaboration with health education institutions
2 Developed availability and accessibility treatment materials country-wide.


1 Mogadishu City Hospital
2 Ministry of health of National & regional Governments
3 Financiers and investors
4 Private medical healthcare & medical equipments/material/drugs manufacturers & suppliers
5 National, International & local community based organizations
6 Local community resource persons and leaders


  Description     Experience Education Skills Need Analysis
1 Administration 80% 80% 80% Limited input required
2  Financial Management 85% 85% 85% Limited input required
3  Resource Mobilization 25% 25% 25% High input required
4  Public Relation development 25% 25% 25% High input required
5  Research & Data collection 40% 40% 40% High input required
  • Mogadishu City Hospital provides the following three major services;
a) Emergency services (EMR)
b) Outpatient services (OPD)
c) Inpatient services (IPD)

Emergency services (EMR)

This wing which operate round the clock 24/7 have qualified and competent medical and paramedical staff to attend to any emergency, including trauma cases which is increasing in the region every day.There is well-equipped emergency operation theatre with facilities for general and special surgical procedures and round the clock X-ray and laboratory services attached to this wing.

Outpatient Department (OPD)

This department has many different specialist consultation facilities available throughout the week or on specified days both in the morning and in the evenings.  The services are supported by diagnostic services and laboratory services.

Inpatient Department (IPD)

This department has facilities made available for all surgical and medical cases except in the cases of infectious / communicable diseases or infections which require separate area.

 NB: The super-specialty cases like cardio-thoracic surgery, renal transplant surgery etc is referred to bigger and more specialized hospitals in the region or even abroad.  Special equipment will be made available for pediatrics and neonatology inpatients and also for ICU and CCU.

Theater Rooms

This department has 2 surgical rooms, one which is used for open surgeries and one which is mainly for Laparoscopy surgery. There is also a recovery room next to it.

 3.0 Medical Records and Information Department

The hospital have records and information services for management of hospital information including filing and retrieval of patient’s records and statistical evaluation of hospital performance, medical and general stores for inventory management of hospital supplies and their distribution to various sections and units of patient care.

4.0 Catering Unit

This comprise hospital kitchen for preparation and distribution of general, special and therapeutic diets to the patients and commercial catering for ambulatory patients their relatives and staffs.

 5.0 Central Sterile and Supply department

This is for recycling and replenishing of re-usable sterile supplies to various areas of patient care.

6.0 Diagnostic facilities

These comprise of the following services;

a) Radiology department
b) Sonography
c) Laboratory services
d) Video endoscopy
e) Laparoscopy
f) ECG
g) EEG

7.0 The Engineering Department

The department comprise of the following services;

Sub-station for maintenance of electric supply to the hospital.

 Public health services for water supply, sanitation and fire protection and firefighting systems, ventilation, and air conditioning for environmental management of essential areas in the hospital including the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), critical and operative care areas, selected intermediate care areas and laboratories.

 8.0 Administrative Services Department

This consist of accommodation of the Chief Executive, Medical and Nursing Administrators, Personnel, Financial and Material Management, Computerized Hospital Information and ancillary accommodation for transport, security, fire, housekeeping and building maintenance staff.