The Vision of Mogadishu City Hospital is to advance positive exploitation of talents, potentialities and innovation to promote achievement in the establishment of affordable, accessible and reliable health facilities in the Horn of Africa region and beyond.


The Mission of Mogadishu City Hospital is to lead progressive, equitable, sustainable and high quality health care services (of world class) to promote realization of respect for protection of comfort in the life-system of citizens in Horn of Africa region and beyond

 Broad objective
The Company is to promote and support the achievement of the national healthcare policies and the millennium development goals (MDG) in the health sector and improve provision and accessibility to healthcare services so that the munity lives, a life of comfort and dignity.

The specific objectives

  • The specific objectives of the institution is to advance positive exploitation of talents and potentialities to create healthy environment and sustainable development in the life-system of under developed communities;
  • The institution shall promote and advance primary healthcare services with emphasis in both preventive and curative medicine;
  • The institution shall establish mobile clinics and outreach services in order to reach the communities at their localities in the rural setups;
  • The institution shall emphasise establishment of healthcare facilities throughout the country with a view to take healthcare services closer to the people of Somalia.
  • The institution shall engage and bring on board reputable and highly qualified health care professional from within the country and outside to provide reliable health care services.
  • The institution shall provide fair and satisfactory remunerations packages in terms of services to the health care professionals for the provision of better and quality services and results;
  • The institution shall carry out and promote early diagnostic and appropriate treatment;
  • The institution shall initiate, carry out, promote and support research, innovations and learning in the health care sector;
  • The institution shall establish emergency response centre by providing Ambulance service especially in the maternal health;
  • The Company shall establish and print a monthly journal (a news letter)to create awareness on the status of affairs of its services and activities;
  • The institution shall organise period meetings, consultative forums, seminars/workshops/trainings etc of stake holders as means of improving its service provision.

The target goals of the Company refer to:

  1. Improvement of supplies of medicine
  2. Empowerment of spread of medical services
  3. Promotion of referral institutions establishment
  4. Promotion of knowledge and skills capacity building in the health development sector
  5. Advancement of creativity and innovation.
  6. Acceleration of positive exploitation of talents to eradicate spread of killer diseases

General development plan summary
The Company projected development plan based on implementation of long term development programs that fall under facilitation of current development programs and implementation of large scale program in the near future as indicated in the table below:.